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If you want to save money on your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint, it’s time to get solar power. LuvSolar provides solar panel installation designed to best suit your energy needs. Our Solar energy consultants can provide you with expert solar power advice to help you choose the best solar system to reduce your power bills and raise your property value. LuvSolar comprises a team of dedicated Clean Energy Council accredited solar panel installers and highly qualified solar installers. Request a quote from us by filling out the form on our website or call to speak with one of our expert solar consultants today. Call (02) 4910 0939

Solar Panel Installers You Can Rely On

Looking for the best system design and pricing for your solar panel installation? Call LuvSolar today for an obligation free consultation on the best solution for your power needs.

Commercial Solar Power Systems

LuvSolar installs top quality commercial solar installations to minimise power costs for local businesses in various locations. LuvSolar handles all energy savings calculations, system electrical designs, voltage drop calculations, system connection application and installation of any protection systems required by the network.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Our expert solar consultants will provide you with custom-designed commercial solar systems to save your business money. Our in house solar installers are experienced in electrical designs for high amp connections for large power users, including but not limited to:

1. Medical Imaging Practices

MRI Machine

2. Schools

Rutherford Primary School Solar System

3. Data Centres

Melbourne Cityscape

4. Manufacturing Facilities

Inside storage warehouse

All LuvSolar systems are designed according to the requirements of the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards. We work diligently with our clients to find the best technical solution to optimise your savings. Call today for a free consultation with one of our experienced solar energy  CEC accredited solar designers. Find out how you can save your business money.

Customised Service from Professional Solar Panel Installers

Our expert solar energy consultants will take the time to discuss the right solar panels, system size, and system configuration, for you. Our promise to you is that we‘ll always install the best quality system best suited for your needs to maximise your power savings.

LuvSolar also has highly qualified in house CEC Accredited Solar Installers. We make sure that your system uses quality components and is designed for maximum performance on your roof. So you get the best return on your investment. Our professional Clean Energy Council accredited solar panel installers install all our solar power systems.

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Solar Panel Installation with Proven,
High Quality Equipment

Whether you’re looking at solar panels for your home or a solar installation for your business; choose LuvSolar - professional solar panel installers. We only use top-performing equipment, so your investment is secure.

A solar power system will always consist of; a number of photovoltaic modules (solar panels), a system to fix them to your roof, and a power conditioning box called an inverter.

As the brains of your system, we only install the most reliable inverters. But there are different types, such as string inverters and micro-inverters. Talk to LuvSolar about the inverter type that best suits your solar system needs. Some systems might be better suited to a Fronius string inverter, while other systems may require the use of Enphase micro-inverters or SolarEdge DC optimisers. Ask one of our expert solar energy consultants today!

All solar power equipment we install is from reliable manufacturers. We only select equipment from manufacturers with a well-established commitment to Australian customers. In addition, all equipment we use in our solar systems has been through the highest standard of third-party testing to prove lifetime performance in the field. Our solar systems are always installed in compliance with all Australian Standards and Clean Energy Council guidelines for best practice.

Solar Panels

All solar systems installed by LuvSolar include solar panels that use modern technologies from established and reputable suppliers. We only use panels that have been independently stress-tested beyond the minimum requirements.

String Inverters

The inverter is the brains of your home solar system. It regulates the power from your panels and handles your system monitoring. It's important that you select a high-quality unit backed by a solid manufacturer warranty. All inverters installed by LuvSolar come with a minimum 10-year factory warranty.


Micro-inverters are a state of the art technology that fit under each solar panel. Suppose you have a roof with more than two directions for solar panels, or your roof experiences partial shading. In that case, micro-inverters will optimise the performance of your home solar power system.

Solar system sizes

3.3kW System

6.6kW System

10kW System

Expected output 12 kWh/DayExpected output 25 kWh/DayExpected output 39kWh/Day
Estimated annual savings $1,000-$1,500Estimated annual savings $1,600-$3,200Estimated annual savings $2,000-$5,000
Starting from $2,497 fully installedStarting from $3,509 fully installedStarting from $5,900 fully installed

Solar System Monitoring

LuvSolar installations also come with free online monitoring so that you can see your system performance and your power savings from the first day.

The sun is shining and its energy is free. Don't put off saving money with solar any longer.


"Excellent attention to detail, this company handled every aspect of the design and installation, we are a commercial installation, already saving money on our electricity costs. I’m planning to use them for my home installation next.

Hunter Radiology, Glendale, Newcastle

R. Arthur, Adamstown

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The sun is shining and its energy is free. Don't put off saving money with solar any longer. Call LuvSolar, your local solar panel installers in Melbourne, Newcastle and Byron Bay. Start saving money today! Call (02) 4910 0939 or fill out the form below.

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