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Do solar systems need maintenance?

By Ayoade | 03/06/2023

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, also known as ‘solar PV systems’ or ‘solar power systems’, provide clean and renewable electricity for homes and businesses. While solar power systems are generally very low maintenance, they do require the occasional check-up to ensure they are working properly. In this article, we answer the question, “Do solar panels need… Read More »Do solar systems need maintenance?

Hunter radiology solar system 3

Commercial Case Study Hunter Radiology

By Solarnerd | 24/08/2019

Commercial Case Study – Alto Imaging (Hunter Radiology) With X-ray machines, CT scanners and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine on site, Alto Imaging’s Glendale Practice needs a lot of energy to help Hunter residents stay healthy and fit. Using an average of 680 kWh each day, electricity usage was one of Alto’s largest ongoing expenses.… Read More »Commercial Case Study Hunter Radiology