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Commercial Case Study - Alto Imaging (Hunter Radiology)

With X-ray machines, CT scanners and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine on site, Alto Imaging's Glendale Practice needs a lot of energy to help Hunter residents stay healthy and fit.

Using an average of 680 kWh each day, electricity usage was one of Alto's largest ongoing expenses.

Alto Imaging (then Hunter Radiology) approached LuvSolar in 2017 about designing a custom solution to help them reduce the impact of their power usage on the environment and on the businesses bottom line.

After performing a shading analysis on the available roof space and assisting in consultation with the building manager, LuvSolar designed a system with 70 x 310 W JA Solar Panels and a Fronius Symo inverter.

As a high amp connection over 100A LuvSolar then provided Ausgrid with all necessary design calculations to obtain connection approval for the system.

Because of the limited roof space and additional setbacks required when using tilt frames, in consultation with LuvSolar the decision was made to maximise the number of panels on the roof. This means that the energy capture from each panel is slightly less, but the total size of the system was able to be increased. The cost of installing the tilt frames was also avoided. In the end this allowed for a larger system with a cheaper per/kWp installation cost for the client.

Once connection approval was granted LuvSolar completed the installation in 2 days with no loss of power during business hours, and minimal disruption to Alto's business.

Since installation we have been tracking the system production and savings and are pleased to see the system production is exactly as expected.

Solar savnigs graph

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