LuvSolar - Custom Commercial Solar Installations

LuvSolar are commercial solar installers. Our custom commercial solar systems are designed to save you money on your  businesses operating costs. Our in house solar engineers specialise in high amp connections for large power users, including:

      • Medical imaging practices
      • Schools
      • Data centers; and,
      • Manufacturing facilities


We work with our clients to provide the right technical solutions to optimise their savings. 

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Find out how you can reduce the cost of running your business.

Solar panels in commercial installation

Cash Flow Positive Solar

With annual returns on investment from commercial solar systems up to 30% of the purchase price and low rates of finance available. Zero net cost solutions are available for immediate reductions in operating costs for large day time power users. 

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Solar for Commercial Tenants

Clients renting their place of business can now save with solar with a zero net cost LuvSolar sharing agreement.

CEC Member Solar Panel Installer in Newcastle

System Quality

At a minimum all our systems are designed and installed to the following Australian and international standards by experienced renewable energy engineers and CEC Accredited Installers:

  • AS 4777 -  2016
  • IEC 61215 - 2016
  • AS 1170.2 - 2011
  • AS 5033 - 2014

Additionally we only install PV modules produced by manufacturers that put their products through third party testing beyond that required by international standards. This ensures only the best quality equipment services your business.

Solar Installation with Proven, High Quality Equipment

When choosing the right solar panels for your business it's important to make sure that you use reliable; LuvSolar only use top performing equipment, so your investment is secure.

All solar power equipment we install has been third party tested to prove lifetime performance in the field. Our Solar systems are always installed in compliance with all relevant Australian and Clean Energy Council Guidelines. 

LuvSolar installations also come with free online monitoring so that you can see your power savings from the first day.

The sun is shining and its energy is free. Don't put off saving money with solar any longer. Call LuvSolar your local Newcastle solar installers and start saving today

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Commercial Solar System Monitoring

All  commercial installations by LuvSolar also come configured with online system monitoring so that system performance can be seen at all times.

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