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Install Solar

LuvSolar can install solar panels at your property that will save you money on power bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Speak with one of our energy consultants today to discuss your energy needs. We’ll help you find the solar solution that will ensure you receive optimum savings on your energy bills.

If you’re thinking about getting a solar system installed at your property and want the best system design at an attractive price, call LuvSolar.

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Install a High Quality Solar System

There are many reasons it’s a good idea to install solar at your property.

Minimise Your Power Costs

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reduce Reliance on Power Companies

Receive Government Rebate

Our solar installers will complete your solar panel installation with proven, high performing equipment. Your solar power system will consist of; a number of photovoltaic modules (solar panels that use modern technologies from established and reputable suppliers), a system to fix them to your roof, and a power conditioning box called an inverter.

We only install the most reliable inverters, and only recommend units with a 10-year warranty. There are different types of inverters, such as string inverters and micro-inverters. Talk to LuvSolar about the inverter type that best suits your solar system needs.

We install solar panel systems with equipment from reliable manufacturers selected for their well-established commitment to Australian customers. The equipment we use undergoes third-party testing to prove lifetime performance in the field. We always install solar systems in compliance with Clean Energy Council guidelines. Contact us to discuss what size solar system you’ll need at your home or business.


Why LuvSolar

• Experienced Solar Engineers and Consultants

• Customised Service to Maximise Your ROI

• High-Quality Equipment that is Independently Tested

• Local and Trusted Company

• Clean Energy Council Member & CEC Accredited Installers

• Warranty on Solar Panels - minimum 10-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects and a 25-year power performance warranty.



LuvSolar installs solar panels on residential roofs to alleviate the cost of increasing power bills in Newcastle, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Woolongong, Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs. Save money with clean energy provided free from the sun! Call today to find out more!

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Install commercial solar

Our solar engineers are experienced in electrical designs for high amp connections for large power users. Our CEC Accredited Solar Installers will complete your installation with a focus on quality, safety, and minimal disruption to your business.


Who We Are

When you decide to install solar power, it’s essential that you us the right solar energy professionals to custom-design and install your solar power system based on your energy needs. Our expert solar energy consultants will take the time to discuss the right solar panels, system size, and system configuration for you. Our promise to you is that our CEC Accredited Solar Installers will always install the best quality system best suited for your needs to maximise your power savings. LuvSolar is a Clean Energy Council member and is ready to help you start saving on your power bill by harnessing the sun’s energy.

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