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Residential Solar Systems

LuvSolar installs home solar power systems for your home to help you save money on your power bills.

Our energy consultants will take the time to discuss your energy needs and find the solution that gives you the greatest energy savings. If you have a high power bill and are considering a home solar system talk to us at LuvSolar.

If you are looking for a quick solar quote, just click the button below.

Proven, High Quality Solar Equipment for your Home

Solar Panels

All solar systems installed by LuvSolar include solar panels that use mature technologies from reputable suppliers.

We only recommend panels that have been independently stress tested.

Stress tests simulate years of real conditions on your roof so you can be confident your panels will continue to perform for years to come.

String Inverters

The inverter is the brains of your home solar system. It regulates the power from your panels and handles your system monitoring. It's important that you select a high quality unit with a long warranty.

If you home has an unshaded roof, a string inverter like the Fronius primo will offer great performance and high reliability.


Micro-inverters are state of the art technology that fit under each solar panel.

If the roof of your home experiences partial shading then micro-inverters will optimise the performance of your home solar power system.

All solar equipment used by LuvSolar can be found on the list of Clean Energy Council approved products. We recommend high quality solar panels and solar inverters.

All the products that we install are from highly reputable manufacturers with a demonstarted commitment to quality.

If you have questions on setting up a home solar power system or would like a solar system price we'd love to hear from you. Call today on:

02 4910 0939 

Solar System Pricing

3.3kW System

Expected output 12 kWh/Day

Estimated average annual savings $600

Starting from $2,497 fully installed

6.6kW System

Expected output 25 kWh/Day

Estimated average annual savings $1300

Starting from $3,509 fully installed

10kW System

Expected output 39kWh/Day

Estimated average annual savings $1900

Starting from $5,900 fully installed

Why LuvSolar?

All LuvSolar systems are designed by CEC Accredited Solar Designers. We aim to maximise your solar system performance, so your home solar panels provide the best return on your investment.

We are a Clean Energy Council member and all our installers are highly experienced, CEC Accredited Installers.

Make sure that your home solar power system is designed and installed by an expert.

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Home Energy Storage

Talk to LuvSolar about a complete home energy generation and storage solution today.

There is no need to disconnect from the grid. Our Energy Consultants can tailor a personal solar and energy storage solution for you to continue using solar to power your home in the evenings. LuvSolar's home energy storage solutions can be sized to get you through evening peak prices, or make your home entirely energy self sufficient. Generate all your power with solar during the day, and power your home at night with compact solar battery.

Run your home entirely on clean energy provided free from the sun! Call today to find out more:

(02) 4910 0939

Solar System Monitoring

At LuvSolar we believe that our clients should be able to measure their energy savings from day one. That's why all our home solar systems come with free system monitoring set up as standard.

Want an example of how this works? Watch the video below for a demonstration of our Fronius system monitoring.

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