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Solar for Schools - Rutherford Primary

LuvSolar is proud to have installed a 60kW solar system for Rutherford Primary school as part of the recent upgrades completed by Richard Crookes Construction and Fredon Industries.

With a large air-conditioning power usage and limited roof space, one roof was not enough for the school's requirements. So LuvSolar designed the solar system across two different buildings within the school. 

The final design needed both solar arrays to act as one for system control purposes. As part of the installation, and ahead of schedule, LuvSolar ensured that all control and protection systems were proven to the satisfaction of the local power network (Ausgrid).

In keeping with NSW Department of Education's design specifications for photo-voltaic systems, the panels on the new administration building were installed on tilt frames to make sure that they would sit at the angle specified. The panel layout also had to be carefully calculated, as the panels had to be spaced far enough apart that there would be no inter-row shading on any day of the year.  

Like hospitals, schools need to be extra safe buildings in our communities. So installing solar panels on the roof of a school also requires special considerations under the National Construction Code. For Rutherford primary school's solar system, LuvSolar conducted several additional engineering studies to make sure that the structural integrity of the installation would stand up to the most extreme of circumstances, and all regulatory requirements would be met.

If you are considering solar for your home, your school, or for your busines, make sure you get the job done properly. Contact LuvSolar for an obligation-free consultation today.  

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