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Solar Panels Wollongong

When you decide it's time to get solar power to reduce your power bills and minimise your carbon footprint, call LuvSolar for professional installation of solar panels in Wollongong. We’re solar energy experts. Our team comprises highly skilled solar engineers and Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers who carry out all of our solar system installations. Speak with one of our solar consultants today for advice on the best possible solar power system for your property in Wollongong. We’ll make sure you get a system that maximises performance on your roof to ensure you get the best return on your investment. Request a quote from us by filling out the form on our website or call to speak with one of our solar consultants today.

Proven High Performing Solar Panels Wollongong

We only use top-performing equipment, so your investment is secure. And we only use materials supplied to us by trusted manufacturers.

A solar power system will always consist of; a number of photovoltaic modules (solar panels), a system to fix them to your roof, and a power conditioning box called an inverter. There are various inverters to choose from; our energy consultants can provide you with expert advice as to which inverter will best suit your needs.

All the equipment we use comes from reliable suppliers who have a well-established commitment to Australian customers. These manufacturers put all materials through rigorous third-party testing to prove lifetime performance. Our solar systems are always installed in compliance with all Australian Standards and Clean Energy Council guidelines for best practice.

Fronius Snap inverter (10-year Warranty)
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Enphase iQ Micro-inverter (10-year warranty)
Enphase logo
Independently tested mono-crystalline Trina honey solar panels (25-year performance guarantee)
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Independently tested mono-crystalline JA solar panels (25-year performance guarantee)
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Why LuvSolar

We’re highly experienced solar panel installers. LuvSolar can provide you with a solar power system at your property in Wollongong that is sure to maximise your return on investment. As a Clean Energy Council member, we’re qualified and skilled to take care of your solar installation. Contact us today to find out more.


"Excellent attention to detail, this company handled every aspect of the design and installation, we are a commercial installation, already saving money on our electricity costs. I’m planning to use them for my home installation next.

Hunter Radiology, Glendale, Newcastle

R. Arthur, Adamstown



We can install a solar power system on your home’s roof to help you save money on your power bills. Our solar consultants will take the time to discuss your energy needs to find the right solar panels, system size, and system configuration for your property.


LuvSolar installs top quality commercial solar installations to minimise power costs for local businesses in Wollongong. LuvSolar handles all energy savings calculations, system electrical designs, voltage drop calculations, system connection application and installation of any protection systems required by the network. Our in house solar engineers are experienced in electrical designs for high amp connections for large power users.


Who We Are

LuvSolar is a solar power company providing solar panel systems to commercial and residential properties in Wollongong and surrounding suburbs. We’re a Clean Energy Council member and all of our staff are highly skilled and experienced solar specialists. Our solar panel systems are always only installed by our CEC accredited solar installers, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

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