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South Coast Solar

LuvSolar is your leading solar installation company on the south coast. We undertake full design, installation of solar systems for residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced solar engineers and CEC accredited solar installers install solar systems to help you reduce your power bills and minimise your carbon footprint. 

To start saving money on your power bills, install solar at your property. Our expert CEC accredited solar installers can install high-performing solar panels, ensuring you receive a high return on your investment. Our solar consultants will design a solar system that will save you money.

Proven High Performing Solar Power Systems

with reliable manufacturers with a proven record of commitment to Australian customers. A solar power system installed by LuvSolar will consist of only the best in high performing, tried and tested components. Let us work with you to find the right technical solutions to optimise your savings. At a minimum, our solar panel experts design and install systems following Australian and international standards by experienced renewable energy engineers and Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

Your solar system will consist of:

  • A number of photovoltaic modules (solar panels)
  • A system to fix them to your roof 
  • A power conditioning box called an inverter.


Talk to LuvSolar about the inverter type that best suits your solar system needs. Some systems might be better suited to a Fronius string inverter, while other systems may require the use of Enphase micro-inverters or SolarEdge DC optimisers.

Fronius Snap inverter (10-year Warranty)
Fronius Logo
Enphase iQ Micro-inverter (10-year warranty)
Enphase logo
Independently tested mono-crystalline Trina honey solar panels (25-year performance guarantee)
Trina Solar logo
Independently tested mono-crystalline JA solar panels (25-year performance guarantee)
JA Solar logo

Why Choose LuvSolar for South Coast Solar

LuvSolar comprises a team of experienced solar engineers who carry out your system’s design to maximise your system’s performance on your roof. In addition to this, all LuvSolar installations are done by Clean Energy Council accredited solar installers, so you can rest assured your investment is secure.  


"Excellent attention to detail, this company handled every aspect of the design and installation, we are a commercial installation, already saving money on our electricity costs. I’m planning to use them for my home installation next.

Hunter Radiology, Glendale, Newcastle

R. Arthur, Adamstown



At your residential property on the south coast, solar panels can really bring down the cost of your power bills. Our expert solar energy consultants will take the time to discuss the right solar panels, system size, and system configuration for you. We know that each home is different and requires different systems, which is why we go into great detail to get you the best possible solution.


LuvSolar installs top quality commercial solar installations to minimise power costs for local businesses in Wollongong. LuvSolar handles all energy savings calculations, system electrical designs, voltage drop calculations, system connection application and installation of any protection systems required by the network. Our in house solar engineers are experienced in electrical designs for high amp connections for large power users.


Who We Are

LuvSolar is an experienced and qualified solar installation company providing energy solutions for South Coast properties in New South Wales. We’re a Clean Energy Council member passionate about delivering solar power to minimise carbon emissions and reduce costly power bills. 

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