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Commercial Solar Installation

With annual returns on investment from commercial solar systems up to 30% of the purchase price and low rates of finance available, there’s never been a better time to get commercial solar installation. With the right finance, zero net cost solutions are available for immediate reductions in operating costs for large day time power users. Speak with one of our expert consultants about government rebates available for solar installation. Rebates vary in different states, ask us today about what’s available to you when you get commercial solar installation at your property.

Our in house Solar Energy Consultants specialise in maximising the performance of commercial solar panel systems for large power users and customers on high amp connections including:


Medical Imaging Practices




Data Centres


Manufacturing Facilities

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Fronius Snap inverter (10-year Warranty)
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Enphase iQ Micro-inverter (10-year warranty)
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Independently tested mono-crystalline Trina honey solar panels (25-year performance guarantee)
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Independently tested mono-crystalline JA solar panels (25-year performance guarantee)
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Commercial Solar Installation You Can Rely On

When choosing a commercial solar installation for your business, it’s crucial that you use reliable and qualified solar panel installers, and proven high-quality equipment.

Our experienced renewable energy consultants work with highly experienced CEC Accredited Solar Installers to design all our commercial solar systems following the National Construction Code and all required Australian and IEC standards. We’re a Clean Energy Council Member and ensure our systems are always designed and installed in compliance with Clean Energy Council guidelines.

Most commercial and industrial businesses use electricity when the sun is shining, and its energy is free. Solar power is a trusted, affordable, and commercially mature technology to convert this energy into considerable savings on power costs. There are also significant government incentives available to reduce the cost of installation of commercial solar power. There’s never been a better time to get a commercial solar installation to reduce the cost of running your business. Speak to us at LuvSolar today and find out how.

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Commercial Solar Installation Done Right


Our expert solar energy consultants take the time to discuss, in detail, your solar energy needs to help you choose the right solar panels, system size, and system configuration for your property.

Our solar consultants verify all designs in consultation with our professional Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installers.

We’ll design a commercial solar system that’s best suited for your business to maximise your power savings. LuvSolar will only ever recommend installation of top-quality components designed for maximum performance on your roof to ensure the best possible return on your investment. We’re serious about solar energy and providing you with a better renewable energy solution.

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Why Choose LuvSolar

Commercial Solar to Maximise Your Return on Investment

LuvSolar is your first choice for commercial solar installation. We design custom commercial solar systems to save you the most on your business’s power costs. LuvSolar will achieve the design that maximises the savings for your individual business needs.

  • Experienced Solar Consultants
  • Customised Service to Maximise Your ROI
  • High-Quality Equipment that is Independently Tested
  • Clean Energy Council Member & CEC Accredited Installers
  • Warranty on Solar Panels - minimum 10-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects and a 25-year power performance warranty.
  • System monitoring set up to track system performance


"Excellent attention to detail, this company handled every aspect of the design and installation, we are a commercial installation, already saving money on our electricity costs. I’m planning to use them for my home installation next.

Hunter Radiology, Glendale, Newcastle

R. Arthur, Adamstown

Professional Commercial Solar Installers

At LuvSolar, safety and quality are priorities. We only use Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers experienced in the safe and professional installation of commercial and industrial solar systems.

All PV modules and inverters recommended by LuvSolar are produced by trusted manufacturers that put their products through independent third-party testing beyond the minimum IEC and CEC requirements. This gives our customers data-driven confirmation of the reliability of the equipment we install.

Speak with one of our solar energy consultants today and see how we can optimise your business’ energy savings with a high-quality commercial solar panel system for your premises - call

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Start reducing the costs and carbon footprint of your business today with renewable solar energy.


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Commercial Solar System Monitoring

All commercial installations by LuvSolar also come configured with online system monitoring so that system performance can be seen at all times.

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